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Real estate sales process is managed by this app including Adding clients, following them up, Apartments management, installments complex calculations, Offer to print to the clients, and finally the well-formed dashboard to facilitate the process of the real estate sales process


  • Add your client accounts with no limitation.
  •  Define contacts from each account to avoid duplication in customers
  •  Assign locations for each customer and location from each contact. 
  • Customize and track your sales process funnel.
  •  Real-time business dashboards & statistics.
  •  Bulk upload for clients and contacts data. 
  • Pick the client’s location and connect it with employees’ attendance GPS.
  • Define client branches with different locations. 
  • Customize your own reports and extract it to excel sheets. 
  • Client’s print option to preview all his data with all details. 
  • Manage sales team privileges & authorities.
  •  Divide clients into different categories & classifications Show certain classification to a group of your sales team. 
  • Aqaraty Landing page for social media campaigns of lead generation.
  • Clients accounts managers management. 
  • Create multi potentials for each client.
  •  Upload all the required documents & files related to the customer or the potential.
  • Clients’ bulk reassign for different accounts managers. potential requests status management.
  • Potentials followup & comments with team collaboration Logs and details for each transaction and operation.
  •  Next follow date up notifications and escalation. 
  • Calendar view for notifications & appointments. 
  • Synchronize system calendar with google calendar. 
  • Define units’ master plan and units’ locations with real time availability on the masterplan picture.
  •  This allows the sales to view real time availability of the units..
  •  Reservation requests with connection to the potential requests. 
  • Bulk and mass update for Unit prices with percentage.
  • Units’ terms of installment systems and cash with calculation of all the other needed payment systems.
  •  Units’ contract creation and approval cycle.
  •  Following up units’ payments and cheques or receipt permissions.
  •  Design and configure the landing page for customers registration with company logo, themes and social media links for lead generation.
  •  Customer registration from websites, portals, social media or any external links and add the data directly to the ERP Aqaraty system.
  •  Reservation from approval cycle and printing.
  • Contract template creation and link to the reservation form to create contacts automatically from the last approved reservation form.

System Screenshots