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We Offer a Wide
Variety of ERP Industries Services

Accounting Industry

Accounting & Finance management including Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. Accounting consists of many modules covering the whole business fields including the following components: General ledger GL, Account Receivable AR, Account payable AP, receipt management, Petty cash, Fixed Assets, Letter of guarantees LG, Budgeting & financial planning, Checks management, Financial Reports and finally a complete real-time dashboard.

HR Industry

HR Management including Employees, Payroll, Attendance, and Recruitment Management. The HR Products include: Employee management, Recruitment includes integration with your Social Media and Job Posts online, and on social media (including Linkedin), Attendance Management includes integration with FingerPrint and Access Cards integration, Attendance Management comes with a unique Mobile Application for Employees GPS-based Attendance and Self-Services. And Powerful Payroll Management App.

Project Management Industry

Project Management Apps to manage all types of Projects and Resources Management. All facets and areas of your project are managed from a single App! Resources Allocation, Time Sheets, Budgeting, Notifications, Tasks Management, Delegation, and Integration with Accounting and GL, with a powerful Dashboard giving business intelligence data on the go.

CRM Industry

Sales Processes and CRM including Leads Management and Business Intelligence. The CRM Application enables your sales to be organized, managed, and properly placed. The CRM Application is built by sales experts granting you the power to manage your sales from leads creation (including connecting with your social media marketing campaigns) and gives you automatic notifications for clients and leads follow up calls as well as a dynamic dashboard to give you quick and efficient decision making to achieve better and stronger results.

Retail Industry

Retail business Management, Core Retail Apps boosting your shops and retail business. Retail Product is the perfect fit for your retail business if you have 20+ employees. The Retail Pack Bundle covers several attendance management resources including “Finger-Print” Attendance and “Mobile-based” Attendance, ensuring your employees record their attendance in the most efficient and timely fashion. You will also get the Payroll Application to free yourself from the time-consuming process of payroll calculation at the end of the month as Payroll App. the Retail Bundles also include the Accounting Application as well as the POS Application for managing your accounts and sales smoothly.

Real-Estate Industry

Realestate Increase your Sales using “Aqaraty” App to improve your Real Estate Projects Sales. If you want to manage your entire Real Estate company from one single application, then the Real Estate Application “Aqaraty” is the right system for you. Offering you on top of “Aqaraty” also the Employees App, Attendance App, Payroll App, Accounting, and all integrated with “Aqaraty” Real Estate CRM App. To manage all facets of your business operations: employee management, Accounting and Finance, and Managing your Real Estate Projects Sales Process from A to Z.

Facility Management Industry

The facility management application is designed specifically for the maintenance and support service of the facilities of your customers directly through a mobile application in the ERP + system that fulfills all their requirements and services and their direct interaction with all types of maintenance easily and quickly and without repeating the work more than once because it is directly connected to the ERP + system The mobile application and the most important features of the facilities management system.

Clubs Industry

This module is to manage the club’s services and it's rentals or registrations. This can include all rental services like a football ground, lockers rent, bicycle place rental, and many many more places and services the club could offer to the members. This includes starting from the addition of the service and its availability, requests of the services, its payment, booking statuses in a calendar view, and more. This service is connected to the customer portal so the members can do it themselves through the online portal including the online payment and digital receipt.

Automotive Industry

This module is to manage the whole process and workflow of the automotive and maintenance centers. This manages the process starting from the client coding, Cars coding, maintenance Job order management creation, allocation of labor hours and costs to the job order, Allocation of spare parts to the job orders, creating invoices from job order, collection and storing the history of the cars into DB. This also can be connected to the customer portal to allow the customers to book their maintenance themselves, follow up their car maintenance history on the customer portal.

Oil & Gas Industry

This app is responsible for the two work order types. The assets work order contains the maintenance & the resources used behind the stock items used in each work order. The same as is valid for the car maintenance workshops with the labor cost and stock items as well.

Manufacturing Industry

ERP+ software integrates all operations together to serve the manufacturing process including product planning, development, manufacturing processes starting from the raw materials till the finished goods. Each manufacturing industry has its own settings and configuration.

Training Center Industry

For the training centers and course management. This App is created to manage the full cycle of the courses and its reservations by the customers or trainers. The most important issue here is the full separation of the branch’s customers and reservations and at the same time, the full integration forms the core ERP modules in accounting and HR.

Construction Industry

Contracting systems differ from the rest of the systems in the way they are managed and their elements. They contain contracts with the owners, which contain elements and business items that must be priced first, each item according to the type and nature of the work in it, and then the tender submission or practice is made to the owner, and then comes the coding of the items in The owner contract and by entering the required business clauses in the owner contract (Bill of materials - BOM). Then the contracting company begins the work of implementing the items and making a cost for each item separately.

Schools Industry

The system provides all the services needed by the school and the educational authorities in terms of the requirements of the schools management with its various systems, starting with the registration of students on the school website for the academic stage, student data, reviewing student applications, and accepting student applications. On the other hand, the establishment of buildings, classrooms, and study schedules for all classes, the accommodation of students in classes, and the automatic creation of the academic schedule with the possibility of modification.

Legal Affairs Industry

This module is designed for legal consultation offices to easily manage and follow the cases of the office’s customers. Keeping track of each customer case needs a system to follow and manage the whole aspects related to the cases with the office internal staff. The log for each case for each customer is very important to allow the office to easily transfer it to any one of the internal staff without any data or follow up loss.

Memberships & Unions NGO'S Management Industries

This module manages any business with the membership management process and certification management process. It is useful for the membership NGOs to manage the complete process they are acting on, starting from the member registration, review process, online payment for the membership, membership activation, Online and digital certification with QR online authentication and verification, and services of the membership. All of these are totally managed digitally and online through the customer or members portal. Besides its real-time integration between the online payment gateway and the accounting system of ERP+.

Real Estate Rental​ Industry

E-invoice becomes essential in some countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This represents the sales invoices with the VAT and it must be part of an ERP system for the direct communication from the ERP to the portal of the government. This package is made to cover this business need at these countries

E-Invoice Industry

E-invoice with the whole app. It is functioning based on most of the data from the other modules. Accounting consists of many modules covering the whole business fields including the following components: General ledger GL, Account Receivable AR, Account payable AP, receipt management, Petty cash, Fixed Assets, Letter of guarantees LG, Budgeting & financial planning, Checks management, Financial Reports and finally a complete real-time dashboard for the whole required real-time data in an easy and graphical representation to facilitate the decision making.

Fleet Management Industry

Fleet management module is made for the companies who have cars and they want to manage and control. We have two kinds of business this module is covering to manage the fleet of the cars. First you may have these cars for internal use by the staff for missions or may be in shipping or goods delivery. This business is based on the car reservation process. Second is the external usage of the fleet of the cars which will be based on the trip reservation using the existing and available cars.

Catering Industry

Catering or food processing and manufacturing service companies need a special system to manage the food and meals manufacturing service. If you are a catering service company you will need to manage the customers contracts, deals, and to manage the orders of the customers. Behind that you need to manage the recipe of the food as per the contracted amount or values. All of these cycles needed to be connected directly to the inventory, accounting the COGS to be automatically calculated.

Shipping & logistics Industry

Shipping and logistics encompass the processes and activities involved in the transportation, management, and coordination of goods and materials from one location to another. It plays a vital role in facilitating global trade and supply chain management. Key components of shipping and logistics include transportation modes (such as sea, air, road, and rail), warehousing and inventory management, documentation and customs compliance, tracking and tracing, and last-mile delivery. The goal is to ensure the efficient, secure, and timely movement of goods while optimizing costs and minimizing risks throughout the entire logistics chain.

AI For Business Industry

You may use artificial intelligence by texting directly to the AI engine or using tools like ChatGBT by OpenAi or Gemini by Google. But you will need to collect the information you want from the different departments and it will never be accurate nor consistent. That's why ERP+ created a real time integration with AI for business tools with the realtime and consistent data from the whole department at a glance, ERP+ do the job and ask AI and get the result for you and save it as a history on your local database.

Installments Industry

This module is made to serve the industries selling goods or services in installments payments. This will help a lot in recording the clients and his/her installments and follow up the payments. Meanwhile it is covering the followup for each installment and for each customer log.

HR Out Source Industry

HR outsource function is not the HR modules for the internal staff members. We know very well how to manage your customers’ staff members in your self HR and how to invoice them for the whole HR services and outsourced to you. ERP+ is managing the full HR cycle and help you to calculate the fees for the customer’s allocated staff members and generate the invoices as well automatically.

Marketing Industry

Marketing is not an option now especially digital marketing. In ERP+ we decided to add this module to be part of the system to allow you to contact the whole ERP stakeholders from the same place of the “updated and real-time data” of the to serve any marketing activities for the contact mentioned above by using the already saved and updated contacts using SMS and emails. The marketing module also is designed to cover a set of functions

Clinic Industry

The clinic module is a fully integrated software solution designed to streamline and optimize the operations of medical clinics. It provides a wide range of features to efficiently manage various aspects of clinic work. These features encompass appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, invoicing and payment processing, generating reports and analytics, inventory management, staff administration, patient communication, and seamless integration with other systems. By leveraging these capabilities, the module enables clinics to perform tasks with enhanced speed and accuracy, catering to the specific needs of the Clinic industry

Compounds Management Industry

The Compounds management module is designed to assist companies in the comprehensive management of buildings or groups of residential units they own. It establishes a connection between each unit and its respective owner, while also providing a historical record for individual units. The module ensures complete and up-to-date information regarding unit inventory, status, and any relevant updates. Additionally, it facilitates the monitoring of financial claims collection and payments.

Quality Control Industry

ERP+ platform consists of the ERP core components. Accounting, HR, Attendance, Payroll, inventory, Project Management, CRM, and asset management as core Apps. Meanwhile, we have cross-industry Apps+ like Aqaraty for real estate, training course management for training centers, Automative for the car maintenance industry, POS for retail, and every period we are adding new industries’ Apps+ totally integrated with the core Apps.

Bus Ticketing Industry

If you have a company for transportation with a set on buses and stations this App will be useful for you. It manages the whole cycle starting from the setup of the trips to the bus ticketing reservation. The core benefit here is its integration with the core modules of the HR, Finance, and the other ERP modules to guarantee full internal integration.