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For the training centers and courses management. This App is created to manage the full cycle of the courses and its reservations by the customers or trainers. The most important issue here is the full separation of the branches customers and reservations and at the same time the full integration form the core ERP modules in accounting and HR


  • Settings Cities(Add/ Edit/ Delete)
  •  Areas(Add/ Edit/ Delete)
  •  Branch Type(Add/ Edit/ Delete)
  •  Branch Status(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Fees Type(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Branches(Add/ Edit/ Delete)
  •  Courses(Add/ Edit/ Delete)
  •  Level / Diploma(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Offers(Add/ Edit/ Delete)
  •  Leed Request Status(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Request Source(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Certificates Templates(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Classification(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Lesson Types(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Branch Setting(Add/ Edit/ Delete)
  •  Student Recommendation(Add/ Edit/ Delete)
  •  Print setting(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Accounting Setting(Add/ Edit/ Delete)
  •  Pre Code(Add/ Edit/ Assign Employees) 
  • Follow-up Way(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Follow-up Type(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Student (Add/ Edit/ delete)
  • Potential(Add) 
  • Attachment(Add/ Delete)
  •  Financial Data(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Reservation Form (Add/ Delete) 
  • Receipt(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Attachment(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Comment(Add/ Edit/ Delete)
  •  Payment Permission (Add/ Edit/ Delete/ Submit GL)
  •  Leed Request (Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Trainers(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Unit Of trainers(Add/ Delete) 
  • Trainers(Add/ Edit/ Delete/ Exams)
  •  Trainers Payroll(Add) 
  • Classes(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Certificates Request(Reject/ View) 
  • Student Follow-up(Add/ Edit/ Delete) 
  • Reports Financial 
  • Report Attendance
  •  Report Inactive
  •  Student Report Accounting 
  • Statement Report 
  • Employee Reservation
  •  Report Archived follow-up Report