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The existence of a mechanism for student registration linked to the school website, where basic data is entered through the external portal for students, including Students’ data and their parents’ data. Easy to control all settings of the complete school system to get the most benefit of the system including: Building settings, Classroom settings, Stages settings, Term settings, Subject settings, Evaluation settings ,Assignment of subject teacher settings, School Expenses Type Settings, Fees settings, Status settings, Time Table settings, Students Document settings, Bus Management settings, School Year periods Settings, Pricelist settings


  • Forms for submitting students until they enter the school and uploading them to the system in full, as well as students’ data upon registration, and this complete data appears in the students’ files. 
  • The ability to take student registration requests, accept or reject them, set tuition fees for students, and transfer them from a registered status to a student.
  •  View current and former students, view their status, and view their data on the Students screen.
  •  The ability to upload grades and academic evaluation for students and exam results to be available on the student portal. View and organize students’ complaints, suggestions, and requests on the Students’ Requests screen.
  •  The possibility of uploading documents for students and exchanging them through the student portal.
  •  View and organize the various activities for students and the possibility of approving and rejecting them, as well as displaying students who are not participating in the various activities of the school. 
  • Displaying the costs of the academic years and any costs related to students and linking them to a price list linked to the inventory. 
  • The presence of inventory items on the annual costs and the possibility of dividing the costs into items according to each age stage, where the student / parent can pay the basic expenses and choose the service expenses that he wants to pay.
  •  Issuing bills and Performa invoices for students in order to follow up on collections.
  •  Show the expenses due to parents on their portal to follow up with different powers for the guardian. 
  • The possibility of transferring and displaying transfers between academic years for students through the part related to transfers of academic years. 
  • The system of timetable schedules for classes includes:
     – The possibility of determining the number of classes per day. 
    – The possibility of determining the duration of each session, and the duration of one session may differ from another.
     – Set the table on the academic year and semester.
     – Distribute study materials to classes.
     – Assign students to schedules by classes.
    – The possibility of determining the number and duration of breaks, with the possibility of different duration of one break from the other, and the possibility of determining its time according to the classes that precede and follow it.
    – Giving repetitive tasks to the teachers of the selected subjects on the schedule throughout the semester.
  •  View everything related to students in one window for easy tracking and extracting reports for each student.
  • Bus system includes the following:
    – Determine the school year in which the bus will operate and link the bus with a driver and one or more supervisors.
     – Determine the students who are registered on the bus by selecting them manually, or providing the possibility of selecting them smartly by selecting the area and entering the students with the priority of the place of delivery until the bus is full.
     – The ability to know the addresses of students registered on buses from Google® Maps and calculate:
     1- The number of kilometers consumed by the bus during the trip.
    2- The expected time of the trip and the expected time between each stopping point and the other.
     3- The cost of the trip made by each bus.
    4- Creating a system for distributing tasks to the employees in charge of the student transportation process (the driver and the supervisor).
    – Establishing a system to take attendance for students, taking into account the possibility of the student being absent from the process of going or returning with a written excuse in order to investigate the safety of the students.
     – Create a mobile application for the bus employees in the future, from which the tasks of drivers and supervisors will be known, as well as the possibility of taking the attendance of students inside the bus. 
  • Creating a system that takes the students’ attendance at the class through the subject teachers who have been assigned tasks according to the class schedule. Student Portal Requirements:
    – The existence of a mechanism for student registration linked to the school’s website, in which students and parents’ data are recorded for future follow-up regarding the system’s contents of payment methods, student activities, exam grades…..
    – The possibility of approving and rejecting students’ registration requests internally, which is done through the external registration portal.
     – The ability to make requests for students for services that already exist within the school system internally, such as: participation in an activity or school trips.
     – The ability to view bills for students “each student’s account separately” and the ability to make an electronic payment on the bill as a next stage after linking to the payment gateways.
    – The ability to view the student’s bus schedules and follow up on the student’s attendance of the bus and the expected dates for the student’s bus attendance.
     – The ability to view the student’s class schedule.
    – The ability of the student to view and print his documents: – The ability to view all the activities of the school and all the notices.
     – The ability to know the student’s evaluation and exam results by year and semester.

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